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FC ProdCode:342
FC UNIT Price:28.00
FC UNIT Value:1000
FC Tax component:0.00
IRA 0 day elim Rider Price:$10.01
IRDAO to age 65 Rider Price:$28.08
First Day Accident Rider(IRA):
Accident Protection to age 65 Rider (IRDAO):
(TPD requires IFCAD rider)

Accident-Only Disability Insurance

Receive monthly benefit payments if you're unable to work due to an accidental injury. (more info)

Cost: -.--

BT ProdCode:329
BT MM ProdCode:328
BT UNIT Price:0.00
BT UNIT Value:5000000
BT membership fee:50.59
BT Tax component:0.00

Travel Medical Coverage

Ensure yourself and even your family are covered for any medical issues which may arise while travelling outside of your province of residence. Good for business and pleasure!

Cost: -.--

ADD ProdCode:343
ADD UNIT Price:0.00
ADD UNIT Value:0.00
ADD Tax component:0.00

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected with coverage that provides a lump sum payment if you or a family member suffers a serious injury or accidental death.

Cost: -.--

BOE ProdCode:349
BOE Tax component:0.00
BOE UNIT Price:0.00
BOE UNIT Value:0.00

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Ensure your business keeps running if you become temporarily disabled or seriously ill. (more info)

Cost: -.--


UNIT Price:0.00
UNIT Benefit:0.00
(IDBD2) TAX:0.00
BDIF (infill) Price:0.00
REF (Reefer Rider)Price:0.00
Refrigeration Rider(REF):

Deductible Buydown

Reduce your current deductible on your auto policy with our Deductible Buydown coverage, making it more affordable for you in the case of an accident. (more info)

Cost: -.--

IWO ProdCode:366
UNIT Price:0.00
UNIT Value:0.00
IWO tax:0.00

Write-Off Protection Insurance

Receive a lump sum tax-free benefit amount if your vehicle is written-off to put towards your deductible, the difference between your loan balance and insurance settlement, and/or as a downpayment towards a new vehicle. (more info)

Cost: -.--

Accident Downtime (IDT2):367
UNIT Price:0.00
5k Write-Off Rider Price:0.00
5k Write-Off Rider(WO):
(IDT2) TAX:0.00
UNIT Benefit:0.00
Write-Off Rider units:

MDT Rider Price:0.00

Accident Downtime

Receive a weekly benefit while your truck is in the shop being repaired as the result of a traffic accident. If your truck is 5 years old or newer, you're eligible to add Mechanical Downtime for any major mechanical failures. (more info)

Cost: -.--

Total estimated monthly premium before applicable taxes:


MM Fee Tax in$4.01
MM Tax Rate 0.050
MM Tax Component $0.19

, and 0.00 in membership fees Note: Price includes 0.00 in tax


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